Mini Schnauzers & LH Dachshunds

Our breeding boys and girls are:

Maja is a salt and pepper girl, she is the smallest of our Schnauzers, but surely the leader of the pack! She is a excellent watchdog, very protective over her family and sometimes too dominant. She is super intelligent, but also very loving. If you want a smart puppy, the chances are good you will get one from Maja.

Klaradyn is our black girl and Im sure if one could see her heart, you would only see a heart of gold! If you look in her eyes, you can see her mischievous personality! She is just cuteness and she loves talking and singing. Her puppies are very cute, loving and friendly- just like their mommy!  She doesn’t like the camera at all…







Amee and Emma are two salt and pepper sisters that I kept from a litter, absolutely gorgeous!!!

Ruby is still a young girl in training.  She’s a beautiful girl with shiningstar eyes, she’s got a beautiful temperament, very social, playful, friendly and loving.

Dolfie is our oldest black and silver boy, very intelligent and VERY playful! He loves children and everyone love Dolfie for his friendliness and playfulness. He is a real clown and will do anything to make us laugh. If you have kids, a boy from Dolfie will be a wise choice. Just sterilize a boy as soon as possible and you won’t have any problems!



Oliver is a stuning black and silver boy with beautiful white beard and legs.  Oliver is something from everything!  He is very loving, friendly, intelligent and soft-tempered, but most of all – Oliver is BEAUTIFUL! Oliver stole my heart from the day I saw him on a photo as a puppy! I am very fortunate to have this beautiful boy!

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