Mini Schnauzers & LH Dachshunds

Miniature Schnauzers

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One day I saw a very cute, “something else” looking dog. ┬áWhen I looked into that dog’s eyes, I totally fell in love with the Schnauzer breed. We got our first Schnauzer and since then we will never be without a lot of Schnauzers surrounding us. ┬áThey are just a breed on their own…they are loving, intelligent, cute, playful, friendly and some can be as silly as clowns. They adore children,┬áthey are exellent companions and in general they love their families. ┬áPlease read as much as you can about the Schnauzer breed, as well as sicknesses that can occur, before deciding to adopt one. ┬áPlease make sure you have time for raising a puppy, loving the puppy as much as you can, and please make sure you will be able to still love your Schnauzer when the cute puppy later years become a older dog. ┬áA Schnauzer, like any other dog, needs love and attention, otherwise he will become a “naughty” dog. ┬áThat is very unfair towards any dog.

All our dogs, including our puppies, are fed Royal Canine or Hill’s. ┬áThe puppies are born in our room where they stay for the first 3 weeks with their mommy. ┬áThen I move them to the puppy room that’s linked to our room. ┬áThey’ve got their own door leading to the save puppy garden where they learn to play ball and where we have lots of fun. ┬áFrom here I housetrain them and I can assure you I play a big role in raising the puppies (with dearest mommy). ┬áI believe that the first 12 weeks of a puppie’s life, plays a huge role in the dog he/she will become, thats why I’m so glad that I’m totally in love with dogs and it’s not “work” training and loving the puppies.

Schnauzers need to be groomed at least once a month, I groom all my dogs myself as well as the puppies before leaving us. It’s not so hard shaving them yourself and I’m willing to send all my puppy owners step by step video’s how to shave your own puppy if you want to do it yourself.

For more info, go to Schnauzer breeding boys and girls










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